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Meet the Team

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Areas We Serve

Michelle Backes

Minnesota Lynx Chaplain

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John Conway

South Central Area Rep

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Cory Jorschumb

Willmar Area Rep

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Jole Miller

Collegiate Rep

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J. Maurice Staley

SW MN Field Ambassador

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Ron Backes

Coaches Ministry

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Jordan Dornbush

Urban MPLS Area Rep

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Robin Knudson

Marshall Area Rep

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Tom Ness

State Director

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Jake Sullivan

SW Metro Field Ambassador

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Cal Barr

Northeast Area Director

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Joy Gardner

Events & Women's Ministries

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Brian Koch

Southeast Area Rep

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Brittany Nieman

South Metro Field Ambassador

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Brent Voight

East Metro Area Director

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James Bolin

Southeast Area Director

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Zach Hansen

North Metro Area Rep

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Jake Larson

South Metro Area Rep

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Tony Scheuerman

Urban Ministries

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Allison Carpenter

Softball Ministry

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Bill Hoag

Area Rep/FCA Outdoors

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Erik Lofald

Northeast Area Rep

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Jeremy Snoberger

Central Lakes Area Director

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Dan Clites

Twin Cities Multi-Area Director

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Randy Jensen

South Metro Area Director

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David Melms

Collegiate Director

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Bob Spiegler

Southwest Area Director

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