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Meet Eric

When my wife and I got married ten years ago, the verse at our wedding was Proverbs 3:5-6.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.”

Over the past decade, we have trusted the Lord and He has directed our paths all over the United States and the world…it has been one wild ride! Now, we feel that God is directing us once again, this time for me to serve with FCA in Northwest Minnesota. Words do not do justice for the excitement and passion that I feel for this opportunity.

I understand the enormous value of FCA, because growing up as a Christian athlete I did not have it, at a time when I desperately needed it. I often felt alone as a Christian and had no idea how to be a Christian first and an athlete second. FCA would have made a major difference in those areas and would have helped me avoid some of the life mistakes I made. But I also understand that God crafts life from our mistakes for His perfect plan. That is why I am humbled and honored that He has stuck with me and chosen to use me to make a difference in the lives of young athletes and help them make an impact for Christ on their teams and in their schools.

Eric is currently raising funds to go from a part-time to full-time staff member. Help support Eric and make him full-time by donating today.


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